Can you make a photograph without a camera?

Answer A photogram is a kind of photograph made by placing an object or objects on a photosensitive surface (photographic paper or film) in a darkened room and exposing it to light. The image is developed... Read More »

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How do I transfer a photograph on my computer to a memory card on my camera?

connect the camera using a usb cablethen open my computer and just add ur photos to the drive which it has designated to the memory cardorbuy a usb to memory stick cableand then repeat the second step

I wanna buy NIKON camera photograph but I don't know which one is good so can u suggest for me one?

Actually with a budget of $900, you can buy the Nikon D3200 and a second lens, like the 55-200 mm. Those two lenses will keep you busy learning how to use your camera for a few years.

Have the Digital Camera Killed photograph Film Role?

Basically, 'Yes': companies that make Roll film for personal photography with ordinary cameras ( not for Movies ) have either gone bankrupt (eg Agfa), or closed that particular section (eg Kodak), ... Read More »

With a digital camera, does more megapixels mean better quality or just a bigger sized photograph?

If you always plan to compose your pictures perfectly, you don't need 10 MP. If you want to allow for cropping, which means enlarging only a portion of your image, the more pixels the better.Imagin... Read More »