Can you make a photograph without a camera?

Answer A photogram is a kind of photograph made by placing an object or objects on a photosensitive surface (photographic paper or film) in a darkened room and exposing it to light. The image is developed... Read More »

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How do i make a video without a camera?

well to make a video, you need a video could use a webcam, though, if you have one. and to edit and make a song, you need a video editing software.

How do u make a video on youtube without a camera?

you use a program such as windows movie maker or like "ulead video studio" or some software which has been specifically designed to create movies. then once you know how to use the program you can ... Read More »

How to Photograph Without a Light Meter?

Taking pictures without a light meter is really easy - you only have to remember about 5 lighting situations. That's no worse than, say, remembering how to dress for a certain type of weather. This... Read More »

How do I transfer a photograph on my computer to a memory card on my camera?

connect the camera using a usb cablethen open my computer and just add ur photos to the drive which it has designated to the memory cardorbuy a usb to memory stick cableand then repeat the second step