Can you make a negative from a photograph?

Answer Yes, by taking a photograph of the photograph (I'm not kidding).

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Is it still possible to get a copy of a photograph from the negative only?

It is possible coz the photos originally was developed from nagatives only

If you take a photograph of a structure such as Willis Tower from an abutting private lot can you sell the photograph?

Answer Well, just like anything else that a corporation owns they have the licensing rights to even a picture of the tower. So you may have to get their permission if your going to profit from the... Read More »

How to Use MyPaint to Make a Sketch from a Photograph?

a very basic drawing of ClaireMyPaint is a small, free' drawing program that actually has layers to make it easier for you to draw, even if you don't have the talent.

If you get someone to take a photograph of you who has the copyright to that photograph?

Unless the job is work for hire or work for employer the photographer holds the copyright.