Can you make a desktop computer wi-fi?

Answer On One Hand: Hardware Must Be InstalledA desktop computer has Wi-Fi capabilities as long as a wireless adapter is installed on the machine. Most desktops don't come equipped with a wireless card, s... Read More »

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How do i make the icons on a desktop computer small?

Windows XPRight-click on the desktop. Select "Properties." Select "Appearance" and click on "Advanced." Select "Icon" under the item box. Use the "Size" drop-down box to make your icons a smaller s... Read More »

How do I make a picture fit on the desktop of a laptop computer?

Open the Personalization Control Panel utilityRight-click the taskbar on your Windows 7 computer and choose the "Show the desktop" menu item. Right-click the desktop and choose the "Personalize" me... Read More »

My desktop computer sounds like a jet plane. Any tips to make it quieter?

It is more than likely you have a high speed CD/DVD Rom drive like the one on my wife's Emachine. Is the sound constant or just intermittent when you start it up.Getting a quiet cooling fan is a go... Read More »

How do I Make My Sound Work on My Compaq 7594 Desktop Computer?

The Compaq Presario Desktop PC 7594 is a full-featured home computer with an internal sound chip, suited for running the Windows XP, 98 or ME operating systems. On these systems, the computer is oc... Read More »