Can you make a car charger into a wall charger like i want to have my car have wall plug in's for a trip send me somewhere i can buy it plz?

Answer Go to any electronic store like best buy. It should have a outlet converter

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Can you plug in an iPod touch wall charger to an extension cord?

Yes, you can put the iPod Touch wall charger into an extension cord. That extension cord has to be plugged into a wall to be able to charge the iPod, though.

I have a old Eye clopse projector and I lost the charger can I just plug my charger that fits into to make it?

You may find a tag or something on the projector about power requirements. You need a charger that is the right voltage and current that has the correct connector.

How to Make a USB iPod Wall Charger?

How to make a wall charger for an iPod from a USB port

How to Make a Car Charger Work With a Wall Outlet?

Car electrical systems have the benefit of uniform power requirements and connections throughout the world, as all cars use 12-volt batteries and come equipped with a cigarette lighter adapter. Bec... Read More »