Can you make Skittles Vodka with something other than just plain vodka?

Answer Of course you can use flavored vodka, watermelon, strawberry would all be good choices. Skittles are so sweet and flavorful you don't really taste the vodka anyways

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How to Make Skittles Vodka?

By placing Skittles candies in a bottle of vodka for a day or two, you can make a tasty, sugary infusion that's a perfect change of pace from your normal everyday vodka.

Ever tried to make skittles vodka?

Thanks Laurz!I think I'll try the purple or red first. Better go get the ingredients now hehe. What flavour you gonna go for first? Vodka mmmm

Vodka... Whats the best mixer to go with Vodka ?

What is the best alcoholic beverage you can make with just vodka and another drink?

It depends on the Vodka. If you are using a cheaper vodka, citrus juices like Orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice sweeten the vodka and kills the sour aftertaste. If you use a more ... Read More »