Can you lose weight with colon cleansing?

Answer Colon cleanses using supplements or through colon irrigation can cause temporary weight loss. The weight lost in the process of colon cleansing is water and feces removed from the intestine. Propon... Read More »

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Can you lose weight with colon detox or cleansing Muscle Max products?

On One Hand: You Can Lose Weight.You can lose weight by cleansing your colon. According to, colon cleansing is an option which "restores our digestive system to good health, and as a ... Read More »

How to Lose Weight With Nutritional Cleansing?

Nutritional CleansingNutritional Cleansing provides quality nutrition to the body's organs to help them work naturally in eliminating harmful substances, presently surrounded by fat tissue.It is a ... Read More »

Suggestions for colon cleansing?

The safest way to do it is to eat nothing except gazpacho for a week. Drink lots of water. Your colon will be as clean as a whistle, you will lose weight, and your skin will look beautiful. Leav... Read More »

How to Compare Colon Cleansing Products?

You’ve probably heard a lot about colon cleansing. It’s become a huge part of alternative health, and you can find countless products and information on the Internet. But how do you know which ... Read More »