Can you lose weight while pregnant?

Answer Yes. Especially in the first trimester. This is generally when most problems with eating and morning sickness occur. If it is after this time, you probably should not be losing any weight, but putt... Read More »

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Do you lose weight while you sleep?

By losing weight do you mean burning calories? Typicially if you sleep for 8 hours you burn 510 calories. Say you have 300 calories in energy in your stomach from dinner, then you go to bed. I gues... Read More »

How can i lose weight while taking insulin for type 2 diabetes?

I really recommend using (or for free on Android and iPhone) to track your food and see how much sugar you're getting. I don't eat a lot of sugar and I'm almost always over for my ... Read More »

How to Lose Weight and Exercise More While Still Being a Kid?

Are you a couch potato? Do you hate sports? Do you need to lose a bit of that abdominal fat before summer? Well then here's your guide to help. Whether you just want to lose a few pounds or want to... Read More »

Can you lose weight when first pregnant?

Answer Eat a high protein, low sugar low starch diet and it should be ok. You still need good nutrition for the fetus but if you get enough protein it should be ok, but if you have any questions, ... Read More »