Can you loose a tooth if you already lost it?

Answer Not the same one! Well unless you mean you got it pulled out then you lost it as in can't finding it.

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"i just had my tooth capped yesterday.closing my lips a problem. mycapped tooth is loose watshould i do?

go to your dentist again and ask to cement the tooth again for free!

Loose tooth help!!!!!?

How loose? Why do you need it out now? Do you have trauma to the tooth which loosened it? Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Please reconsider esp since you do not have a dentist. If it was k... Read More »

5yr old boy has loose tooth?

5 is not unusual for a child to start losing the milk teeth. A dentist will not be able to do anything.

What do you do for a loose tooth that has been chipped?

Answer If the tooth was loose due to impact, you should seek a dentist. They may be able to fix it. For the chip, the dentist can also repair that. I had a similar experience where I fell, and c... Read More »