Can you loose a baby and not know it and think it is your period?

Answer Yes, this is called a missed miscarriage or an early miscarriage.

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How much blood do girls loose on there period?

Not a lot - a small spoonful. It looks a lot more though because it's mixed with the uterine lining.

Can a baby get constipated if a women on her period hold the baby?

AnswerNo. They are two nonrelated physiological processes. No chemical transfer is possible.women cannot be on their period when pregnant

How many baby teeth will you loose?

19 to 20 baby teeth will indeed be lost.

My baby tooth fell out after 1 day of it being loose.... Is that bad And why after 1 day?

RELAX nothing is wrong with your tooth!all my milk teeth are out now and i actually had a problem:they always take forever to fall out!your permanent tooth shall soon grow out and you are actually ... Read More »