How do I look up an 800 phone number?

Answer Search for the 800 number of a specific business by calling the toll-free directory and requesting the number for the business by name. Both 1-800-FREE411 and 1-800-411-METRO offer toll-free, telep... Read More »

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How do i look up a cell phone number?

Cell phone numbers are not listed in phone directories, which makes mobile-phone lookup much more difficult. In theory, it can be done -- though often for a price. It is equally difficult to look... Read More »

How to Look Up a British Phone Number?

Between the magic of the Internet, and the deregulation of the telecom sector, it is possible for anyone to look up a British phone number, usually for free. There are also many private websites th... Read More »

Free reverse phone number look up?

How do i look up an address with just the phone number?