Can you look after a cousin's child without being a childminder?

Answer Yes, it counts as babysitting - a favour.

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What degree is a child to be adopted if the child's grandmother and the adoptive mother's mom are first cousins?

You can go online and look at parent profiles or look up adoption attorneys in your state or the state you wish your child to be adopted in.

What would your cousins child be to you?

Your first cousin's child is your first cousin, once removed, and is your child's second couisn.

What is the title given to your children and your mothers first cousins child?

Your mother's first cousin's child is your second cousin. To your children this person is a second cousin once removed.

Why would some ones child all of a sudden doesn't even care about his parents siblings cousins and anyone who has been apart of his life?

a sexual intercourse happens when you are already married..