Can you look after a cousin's child without being a childminder?

Answer Yes, it counts as babysitting - a favour.

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If a mother relinquishes her child voluntarily without being coerced or has neglected or abused her child and ?

I don't think we are responsible for the pain of the mother as in we are the cause of it; however, I do think we have a duty and ethic to be empathetic to their situation.The other mother of my chi... Read More »

If current orthodontic services are being rendered to a minor child of the debtor will the child still be able to continue the service without paying under Chapter 7?

Answer I'm not a lawyer but I would say no unless the orthodontics are correcting something life-threatening. After all, you'd be asking an orthodontist to continue to provide services to you afte... Read More »

How to Look Punk Without Being One?

Punk girls are the perfect mix of dangerous and cute when you're a teenager. They catch your eye and keep it but you also don't mess with them. But we aren't all real punks, so how can you get the ... Read More »

Why does everyone look at the CHILD as being rejected?

Mama Kate, I understand what you are saying and totally agree. Choosing adoption is FOR the child but not BECAUSE of the child. Adoptive parents have a huge responsibility in making sure the chil... Read More »