Can you locate someone with their national insurance number?

Answer No. My best friend is bi-polar and has only been with one woman for his entire life.

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How to Locate Someone by Using Their Cell Phone Number?

Most people these days rely on mobile phones as their primary means of communication. For this reason, local phone directories and white pages are practically useless when you need to find somebody... Read More »

You are trying to locate your mother and you feel if you knew her national insurance number it would help a great deal?

Answer yes it would help greatly because everyone has a unique number so you can find her

How to Locate Someone With Their Previous Address?

You always meant to keep in touch with your college roommate but life got in the way. Now, years down the road, just when life slows down enough for you to think, you write her a letter. It returns... Read More »

Can you locate a loved one if you already have their drivers license number and their SSN?

no, you need his thing on the back o his car i totally forgot what its called but yeah if you get that you will get to see where they go when there using their car.