How Can I Get Paid for Doing a PHD?

Answer Doctoral degrees, otherwise known as PhDs, are one of the most advanced college degrees that you can hold. PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy, and degrees are offered in many areas of the sciences... Read More »

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What is the minimum amount of calories you can burn a day without doing anything?

That would be your BMR (basal metabolic rate).This is the amount of calories you burn a day without doing exercise and with just doing nothing (meaning just your normal daily bodily functions like ... Read More »

What are the determinants of the amount in premiums to be paid for travel insurance?

Contact an independent insurance agency. They helped me save a lot of money because they can shop numerous insurance companies instead of being limited to just one. The agent I purchased through he... Read More »

How to Find What You Love to Do and Get Paid for Doing It?

Everyone wants to get paid for doing what they enjoy doing the most. But, how to start? Well here are some tips for you to try and start getting paid for doing what you love to do.

Is there a minimum amount that any reality star gets paid?

Nope, a lot dont get paid at all since its essentially a documentary.