If you live with your mom and your dad lives in Oklahoma and left when you were 7 and he hasn't paid any child support but you still want to live with him are you legally allowed to do so?

Answer Answer it all depends on your gae. for example, if you're 18 YES

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Is there a minimum amount that any reality star gets paid?

Nope, a lot dont get paid at all since its essentially a documentary.

What is the minimum amount paid under social security benefits?

As of 2010, the Social Security Administration does not list a minimum amount of payable benefits. However, the administration does not pay less than $1 of benefits. All citizens born after 1929 ne... Read More »

What are the determinants of the amount in premiums to be paid for travel insurance?

Contact an independent insurance agency. They helped me save a lot of money because they can shop numerous insurance companies instead of being limited to just one. The agent I purchased through he... Read More »

What's the lowest amount of money a student needs in the UK, if only their college fees are paid?

I had all my fees paid for during my uni years but the other costs to think about are rent, bills and food. As an example, I studied in London for 4 years and the average rent per year ranged from ... Read More »