Can you limit Bluetooth range?

Answer The range of a Bluetooth device cannot be shortened or limited to a specific length. Bluetooth distance is dictated by the power class level of the device and ranges from 10 to 100 meters.Source:Bl... Read More »

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How to limit WiFi Range?

You cannot limit the range of the WiFi Range but you set a passwordYou only give your client what is the password but not for your neigbour.

What is the range of a Bluetooth mouse?

The range of a Bluetooth mouse varies according to brand and model. A Bluetooth mouse typically has a range of about 30 feet, but some models extend to up 66 feet. Unlike a wireless mouse, however,... Read More »

Is there any difference between the fatigue limit and endurance limit?

I have bluesoliel Bluetooth software installed properly in windows 7 ultimate.but the bluetooth icon ain't blu?

Yes of course you need a Bluetooth Hardware device which looks like a pen drive.That is the modem of the bluetooth and of course you also need a device which you want to connect.You definitely need... Read More »