What time are you legally allowed to light a fire in your Garden?

Answer Each local governing body makes that determination. Are you thinking of a bonfire for fun or burning garden debris? Either way, contact your local police department or department of public works fo... Read More »

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Do you need any type of licence to light a fire in your back garden in the UK.?

You do not need a licence because you're not allowed to burn rubbish in your back garden. If you do light a fire intentionally and my colleges and myself from the Fire Service ar called out to put... Read More »

Do you rate your own farts?

Oh absolutely. I usually save them up for when I go for a smoke break at work. I let out a tremendous trouser cough this week, lasted for about 15 seconds. Quite musical, all diferent pitches.Then... Read More »

How to Disguise Your Farts?

In the middle of class. Your teacher won't let you go to the washroom right now. You have extremely bad gas. What do you do? You follow these steps!

A dentist farts in your face--what do you say?

You can't say anything. You have that jet nozzle sucking every molecule of slobber out of your mouth. You may also be numb for whatever procedure you are there for. The words may form in your mo... Read More »