Can you light a match if it has already been light?

Answer no

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Which has the greatest energy, a photon of infrared light, visible light or ultraviolet light?

Einstein's equation for the photoelectric effect, E = hf (where E is energy of a photon, h represents Planck's constant and f is the photon's frequency), indicates that the energy of a photon is di... Read More »

Why does a match light up?

A match works by using a chemical element that burns spontaneously in air to release energy stored within the materials that make up its head. Friction is all that is needed to start the reaction.C... Read More »

How to Light a Match?

Lighting a match is not as obvious to some as it is to others, and everyone should know how to light a match safely.

How to Light a Match with One Hand?

Lighting a match with one hand may sound incredibly tricky, but once you practice it enough to really get it down it becomes second nature. It's a fun trick that is often used in cowboy and mobster... Read More »