Can you let your underage child live with adult sibling?

Answer No, Texas State Law states that it is prohibited to have employment under the age of 14 unsupervised.But a sibling? that's probably an exception. But im not the governer of Texas, sorry.

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Can a child leave home at 13 to live with her sibling?

No he did not. I am one of his grand nieces. He had one daughter.

If a child has a deceased parent and the one living parent doesn't properly care for the child can they live with a older sibling?

Good luck.It would depend on what the situation is and how poorly he or she is being cared for, but the child or the sibling would have to call child protection services and have them check it out.... Read More »

If you do not want to live with either one of your parents and there is another stable adult that is willing to support you can you live with someone else?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, your parents have to agree that you can live there so the other adult can be your legal guardian. Or you have to go to a court and prove that your life at home with either pa... Read More »

At what age can a child in Virginia babysit a younger sibling without adult supervision?