Can you legally mail lithium ion batteries?

Answer I don't really see why not. It really depends where you are.

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What's the difference between Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer batteries?

Effectively they're the same thing.The lithium-polymer (LIPO) is a more technologically advanced version of a lithium ion (Li-ion) battery. It's electrolyte is held in a solid polymer film which is... Read More »

Are AA lithium batteries& alkaline batteries interchangeable?

Yes, alkaline batteries and lithium batteries are interchangeable. The names have nothing to do with compatibility. The names specify the material used to power the batteries. Lithium batteries use... Read More »

Are lithium batteries&alkaline batteries interchangeable?

As long as they are the same sizes, alkaline and lithium batteries can be interchanged. However, they may perform differently in different devices, making it a bad idea to interchange them without ... Read More »

Can you charge 3v lithium batteries?

Lithium ion 3v (3 volt) batteries can be charged. The batteries take at least an hour to charge and require a specific charger because of their make up. It greatly reduces the life of the battery t... Read More »