Can you leave your mothers house legally at the age of 17?

Answer Answer The best thing you can do for your child is to consult your pediatrician and have your child examined now.

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If two people are on a lease of a house can one person legally make the other leave?

Yes, the aggrieved person had to file eviction proceedings as if that person was the recalcitrant person's landlord.

My friend is in an abusive house hold how can you get her out legally without having to go through all kinds of legal stuff My mom has DHS classes and all but she needs out now and legally is long?

Take her toa battered woman's shelter. They will keep her safe and secure and help her though the legal processes involved. They will even escort her to court dates, etc.You local church, social se... Read More »

If you are in the ICU of a hospital, can you legally leave?

No. He can sign himself out AMA. But, the are exceptions. If he was a suicide attempt and going to end up going to a facility under warrant, we can restrain you and keep you. If you are a dange... Read More »

How do I legally leave college without having to pay tuition?

You are obligated to pay for the semester(quarter) you are currently in. Leaving now will mean you owe the school money, the government grant monies, possibly student loan monies. You will fail ... Read More »