Can you leave plant in the pots when gardenig?

Answer name the unwanted plant that grow in crop field, lawns, or in pot

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How many seeds from a packet for vegetables and herbs should I plant in the individual plant starter pots?

Always plant 2-3 seeds per cell. Sometimes one of the seeds will not germinate, this way you still have at least one coming up. After they have grown a couple of weeks, pick the best one and snipe ... Read More »

Are crock pots safe to leave on all day?

On One Hand: Crock pots are safe to leave unattended.Crock pot slow cookers are designed to run all day without being a fire hazard, according to According to Fire Inspector Calvin W... Read More »

Are crock pots safe to leave unattended?

It's safe to leave an operating crock pot unattended as long as you operate it under proper safety instructions, like placing it on a flat, stable surface. Being able to leave while it cooks is a m... Read More »

Is it better to leave pots and pans to soak or to wash them up?

My sons aged 22, 25, and 29 consider it's best to leave them to soak before I wash them.