Can you leave pizza out on the counter all night and still eat it Why or Why not?

Answer technically, you could, but it wouldn't be advisable...if it sits out on the kitchen counter all night, then it has been in the "temperature danger zone" for far too long to be safethe temperature ... Read More »

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What pizza chain sells the cheapest pizza but still tastes fairly good?

domino's, i would say little caesars but little caesars tastes awful

Does pizza hut still have the deal " buy a large pizza for a medium price 8dollars?

Their website probably has that info, or you could call your local restaurant.

Advise on working as a counter girl for a pizza place?

well working a phone might be quit difficult if you have never use one before, and especially if the phone was at a pizza place. Here is what i would do. try to practice using a phone, i know th... Read More »

Can you leave canned frosting out on the counter?

If the canned frosting is unopened you can leave it on the counter. Once it’s opened, you should always refrigerate it. Most brands advise keeping the opened frosting covered in the refrigerator ... Read More »