Can you leave installous while something is downloading?

Answer naa. its stops everytime I press home.

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If you close installous while an app is downloading will it continue?

no, sorry it closes and it gets really annoying when the app crashes half way through the download of an expensive, large game! Altogether, no, sorry.

Is downloading installous on ipod touch 2G cydia illegal will i get fined or something?

Maybe you should think of it as a legal disclaimer...Cydia wasn't created to host hacked AppStore apps. Cydia is a place for programmers to share their work which isn't approved for listing on the... Read More »

I have dial-up.will it be ok to leave my cumputer on all night downloading music?

sure, as long as you don't care that no one else can get a hold of you through the phone line.

No installous in cydia?

i just had that problem and found the solution...Go to Cydia. then manage. then sources. then press edit (top right). then press add (top left). type in . when that ... Read More »