Can you leave food on plates in the dishwasher?

Answer The reason for these spots is because of hard water. Hard minerals found in most water when heated in the dishwasher dries with a white/film like residue. There is a new product out called the dish... Read More »

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Dishwasher or paper plates?

The Henry vacuum which is better known as the Hoover vacuum comes with a generous two year manufacturers warranty. An extended warranty for this vacuum can be purchased as an extra.

Are ironstone plates dishwasher safe?

Although some manufacturers of ironstone dinnerware say it's all right to put their plates in the dishwasher, the White Ironstone China Association does not recommend it. Instead, they suggest wash... Read More »

Are pewter plates dishwasher-safe?

No. Chemicals from dishwasher detergents can damage pewter. Hand-wash pieces immediately after use, since acid foods can cause pitting. Wash pewter in a mild dish soap and wipe dry with a soft clot... Read More »

Is i illegal to leave L plates on a car all the time?

There is no offence. However it could be annoying for the driver if he/she is alone as a police officer may stop the car to check.