Can you leave electronics on all night?

Answer You can leave electronics on all night, but it is not recommended because electronics do not have an endless lifespan so extended use will wear them out faster. Leaving electronics on longer than n... Read More »

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Can you leave sausage out all night?

Yes it's fine. . . spanish people leave everything out so thats how i grew up. . we never put cooked food in the fridge. . just cover it and leave it on the stove. . . as long as its not hot in you... Read More »

What iff! I leave my laptop on all night! : )?

It will still be on when you come back if it's on plug power. It won't hurt it I leave mine on all the time.

Do you leave a light on at night?

Not since a plane crashed into our house. Someone left the landing light on.

Is it bad to leave your computer/lap top on all night?

I believe it is bad for you to leave you laptop on while not using it or sleeping. 1. It might cause shortage of battery life.2. It might burn out your hard drive, even if only using AC/Adaptor.3. ... Read More »