Can you leave a 12 year old and a 9 year old child home alone for 8 hours?

Answer No that is a terrible idea. I am 13 and i have never been left on my own for more than 2 hours.

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Is it considered child endangerment to leave a 2 year home alone for five minutes?

Yes it is. Anything can happen to a child in less than a minute. A child should NEVER be left alone not even for one minute.

Is it illegal to leave a 10 year old home alone with a 15 year old?

Is it illegal to leave an 3 year old child alone in a car in the State of Alabama?

This really depends on the frequency of what they did, and exactly what it was that they did. In a lot of cases, pedophiles do go to prison for 15+ years in the United States. I have not seen any c... Read More »

Ten year old left frequently at home alone for 6 hours?

Not sure where you are, but in Missouri I was told the legal age is 12years old BUT they cannot be responsible for any other children.