Can you lay on your stomach at 4 months?

Answer Well what are you talking about a baby right ?

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Is it bad if your stomach starts hurting when your two months pregnant?

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you've missed your period for 2 months and your stomach is hard and you're having cramping?

AnswerThose are definitely symptoms of early pregnancy. I would suggest taking and early pregnancy test. More symptoms might include sore breasts,nausea, and aversions to smells and tastes.

Is it ok to sleep on your stomach while eight months pregnant?

One would think any undue pressure on the abdomen would not be a healthy thing to do ... besides, it must be really uncomfortable at this stage in pregnancy.

Your baby is three months old taking nan experincing a lot of stomach upsets why and what can you do?

16 i think i'm not sure maybe you should go ask a police station