Can you lay laminate floor over tile?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You CanAccording to Armstrong, a laminate floor manufacturer, you can lay laminate flooring over any surface, including tile. Just make sure the extra layer underneath won't raise... Read More »

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Can you tile over a laminate floor?

Can you lay cermic tile over laminate floating floor?

No, ceramic tile needs a firm subfloor, without movement, and one not prone to moisture. Laminate is none of those.

How to Install Laminate Floor Tile Molding?

Nothing finishes off or accentuates the beauty of a newly installed floor like laminate tile molding. Laminate tile molding comes in various designs for different types of transitions, such as quar... Read More »

Should we get tile, hard wood, or laminate floors for the first floor (1250 sq ft) our new home in Arizona?

I lived in phoenix for 3 years and have been a flooring installer for 24 years. natural wood needs a certain amount of humidity to keep it healthy or else it will dry out . it's beautiful, but not ... Read More »