Can you lay a LCD HDTV flat?

Answer YES, absolutely. The liquid crystals work ideally flat as they are dispersed over a flat surface. So as long as it is straight it will wok even better than standing up.

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Can you lay an LCD HDTV down flat?

LCD HDTVs can be laid down flat without causing any harm to the television, but it is not recommended to do so as it increases the chances of screen damage.References:Projector People: LCD TVs vs. ... Read More »

How do i clean a flat screen hdtv?

Cleaning Your HDTV Flat ScreenFind a suitable cleaning product for your flat screen HDTV--something that evaporates easily and is not a harsh chemical. You may use spray window cleaner, such as Win... Read More »

What is a widescreen flat panel lcd hdtv?

Widescreen refers to the ratio of width to height. Widescreen has a greater width than a standard TV. Flat panel refers to the flat surface of the display. Older televisions were more rounded, in a... Read More »

What is the best 46'' Flat Screen HDTV?

Sony XBR3 (KDL46XBR3) without a doubt. It's image processor is the best in the LCD world and it creates amazing colors. It's great for multi-use applications and it looks and performs better than s... Read More »