Can you kiss someone with hepatitis c?

Answer On One Hand: Casual Kissing is SafeCasually kissing a person who has hepatitis C does not pose a risk of transmission. This is because the virus that causes hepatitis C is transmitted through conta... Read More »

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How to Kiss Someone With Piercings?

Kissing someone with piercings is just like kissing someone with braces: everyone thinks is the most difficult thing in the world to do, but it's not all that different!

How do you kiss someone with small lips?

Would you kiss someone with braces?

LoL that is weird. I probably would though I'd be nervous about it. Braces are kind of creepy. *No offense*

When you kiss someone with braces do you feel them?

yes they'll feel them, but it doesnt have to ruin the moment, just be careful. If you get too wild/careless then yes it's going to hurt them, if they get to wild or careless they will hurt themselv... Read More »