Can you kill poison ivy?

Answer You can kill poison ivy with herbicides, including glyphosate (Roundup or Kleenup) and amitrole (Amitrol-T or Weedazol). You can also pull poison ivy out by the roots if the soil is wet. Wear prote... Read More »

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How do I kill poison ivy?

Mow over the poison ivy with a lawn mower. Repeated mowing will eventually kill it.Cut poison ivy vines from trees and pull them down. After a rain, pull poison ivy roots out of the soil. Make sure... Read More »

How to Kill Poison Oak?

Poison oak thrives on abandoned land but also in wood lots, at recreation sites and on Christmas tree farms. People who come in contact with poison oak experience skin irritation, itching, water bl... Read More »

How to Kill Poison Ivy Organically?

Poison ivy is a perennial vine that grows in woods, fields, and sometimes in people's gardens and yards. It features three leaflets occurring alternately along the stem and white, waxy-looking berr... Read More »

How to Use Poison to Kill Moles?

Moles may look cute, but these little rodents can cause big problems in your yard. The animals burrow deep tunnels underneath your lawn, which disrupts the way your grass and plants feed. The moles... Read More »