Can you kill plant roots off with boiling water?

Answer Yes, boiling water will kill a plant.

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How do I kill ants in plant roots?

Ant BaitsSet out ant baits for the ants. Bait these traps with a sweet pesticide and set them in areas where you see lots of ant traffic. Ants will enter the baits, eat the pesticide and die.Insect... Read More »

Does boiling water really kill bacteria?

Yes it does, For bacteria to actually die, the hot water would have to be at a temperature above what your skin could tolerate. Most people can tolerate a temperature of 110 degrees for little bits... Read More »

Does boiling hot room temp. cold or ice water affect plant growth?

Boiling water or super cold water can damage or kill some plants, but, aside from that, I have never of any water temperature being better or worse for plant growth.

How did Proctor and Gamble kill his siblings with a vat of boiling soap?

A new york socialite. Sister of Sosana Sonenberg, writer of "her last death".