Can you kill a worm inside of you by doing this?

Answer You'd probably kill yourself before you kill the worm

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Nerve problemanxietychewing on the inside of my cheekwhat is this and i want to stop doing it!?

Try chewing gum or suckings. If you change your habit, it may help. Try to pay attention to when you are doing it too! If you are doing it when you are bored, try finding activities, such as cle... Read More »

I want to kill some birds which are ruining my fench what is the most humane way of doing this or can i avoid?

feed them raw rice, lots of it, their stomachs will explode

Will a bleach bath help kill pin worm eggs?

Bleach is a nasty and extremely toxic chemical agent. I would ban it worldwide.Reading this might help you:…Stay away from bleach.

About this worm Is this true?

Yup. It's actually a worm, not a virus, and it will only affect computers that are already infected.If you can get updates for Windows and your AV, etc, it's pretty certain you don't have it.Sounds... Read More »