Can you keep your baby if you under age?

Answer Yes, you can. You are emancipated in all areas that concern your child, even if you are still a minor and your guardian has legal custody over you. You have legal custody over your child, your guar... Read More »

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If you are about to be 17-years-old and are pregnant by a 19-year-old can your parents make you give up the baby or keep you away from the father so you and your baby will never see him again?

no you are over sixteen you have the right to do what you want if i were you id keep it just shag up again

If you are under eighteen and have a child can your legal guardian put your baby up for adoption without your consent?

AnswerNo. even if you are under the AGE of 18 YOU are still the legal guardian to this child. You cannot be forced to give your child up, nor can anyone else make the decision for you, UNLESS you a... Read More »

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If you are under 18 can your parents force you to give your baby up for adoption?

Answer If you care about the future of your baby, it would be best to follow your parents advice. 1. Do you honestly think that you can provide for the educational and financial needs of a child? I... Read More »