Can you keep a cat and a newly born baby in the same room?

Answer Yes, but you should be there. Cat's don't actually "steal" baby's breath, but they are curious by nature, and will want to examine the baby.Then, they sometimes smell the milk on the baby's breath ... Read More »

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I'm a parent of 5 children. When they were babies I kept them in my room til 2. I was always worried about SIDS. I just had my baby two months ago and he hardly ever sleeps in his crib in my room. ... Read More »

What do you call number of baby animals born at the same time?

Can you keep the father out of the delivery room before and after the child is born or at least until you leave the hospital?

Answer Yes, you decide who is or isn't in the delivery room. His legal rights to the child do not extend to the delivery room. However, once the baby is born, he has as much right to it as you do. ... Read More »

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