Can you just scream for me...?

Answer ((((((((((SCREAMS))))))))))there!!now i feel better!!thanks!!:)

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How to Emo Scream?

How to Emo Scream. In Screamo songs, there Is a lot of "Screamo." Emo Scream, Is another word. But Screamo Is more often used.

R&P: Do you scream when you are violated?

I have been violated 21 times since Friday by Smiley. That's why I'm staying off R&P right now. Ain't He mature for His age?

Who has the best scream in music?

On One Hand: Roger Daltrey of The WhoAccording to John Board of the San Diego Reader, Roger Daltrey, lead vocalist of English rock band The Who, would be No. 1 on a "best screamers in music history... Read More »

Who won scream queens 2?

GABBY WON BABY!! yess! (: Jessica was good too but she got a little cocky overall YAYYY GABBYYY!