Can you just ask professionals to be their apprentice?

Answer This is actually a great idea. When people see that you are willing to come to them in person, it means you are serious. - First of all, do not even say that you will pay him, BIG no no. We want to... Read More »

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How much are DBA professionals paid?

As of 2009, the average starting salary for a DBA professional could be determined by multiplying the applicant's age by 2.5. The resulting number represents the approximate amount (in thousands) t... Read More »

A question not just for the professionals?

This is a difficult one, but I cant think of many times I have been really truly frightened, other than the brief scare you get coming around a curve and there is a headlight staring you right in t... Read More »

Film professionals I need your help! Again!?

It really depends on what you mean by "professional" camcorders, are you talking about lower priced cameras such as sub 8K or are you talking about studio quality cameras, such as Red. many of the ... Read More »

Are the professionals wrong?

I find it really sad that people like marnie and ff and Jackie Nichols will do and say just about anything, no matter who they hurt and how many lies they tell, to justify their false beliefs about... Read More »