Can you judge someone on facebook by looking through their lists of friends?

Answer Technically, you can, but I don't know whether your judgment of the person might be correct or not.An individual can be their own person regardless of what and how their friends/family might be lik... Read More »

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How do you know if someone has you on their "Close Friends" list on Facebook?

Can someone tell if I've been looking at their facebook profile/photos?

no, they cantif they added you it was probably for some other reason, like having mutual friends, or one of the friends you told also told the person you were looking atany app that claims to be ab... Read More »

How to Make Friends Lists on Facebook?

Ideally, you'd feel fine with showing any Facebook friend any part of your profile. But sometimes, you risk an awkward or uncomfortable situation by ignoring a "friends request" from someone who yo... Read More »

Can you block selected friends or lists from seeing your Facebook Check-ins If so, how?

Try privacy settings, or control what you share