Can you join the Marines if you have a felony?

Answer Yes, you can join the Marines with a felony conviction if you have a waiver. According to, an increasing number of recruits with felony convictions are being accepted by the Marines. Both C... Read More »

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Can you join the marines with a felony on you record?

No. You will need to obtain a pardon from your state governor to be eligible for service in the Armed Forces. Keep in mind that a pardon does not erase your crime; it indicates forgiveness. Pardons... Read More »

You feel that if you do not join the marines you will not be honoring the marines that came before you and you feel that you HAVE to join in order to show respect is this a bad reason to join?

Yes. Join the Marines because you want to. If you do not want to join for your own reasons, no one else's reasons are valid. You do not have to live up to anything, certainly not anything others ha... Read More »

Can you join job corp if you have a felony?

Can you join the army if you have a felony?

It is possible that you can be waivered in, dependent on what exactly your felony conviction was for, and it can't hurt to simply talk to a recruiter and ask. Understand beforehand that you may hav... Read More »