Can you join the Marine Corps with a GED?

Answer The U.S. Marines Corps usually enlists people who have or are working toward a high school diploma, according to the U.S. Marine Corps website. The military organization allows a small percentage ... Read More »

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Marine corps recruiter said that need 15 credit from college to join marine corps is right?

You need to specify a couple things. I.e., enlisted or officer and what military occupational specialty you're going for. Requirements will fluctuate to meet the Marine Corps' manpower demands, but... Read More »

Can you join the Marine Corps without a GED?

Why would someone join the Marine Corps?

Extreme patriotism, feeling of ability to serve most effectively that way.

Is it good to join the marine corps?

It seems to be the most life-changing of the US Military branches. The support and inter-dependence of one Marine for another is truly awe inspiring.If you want a career or a life, it may be the ri... Read More »