Can you join the Marine Corps with a GED?

Answer The U.S. Marines Corps usually enlists people who have or are working toward a high school diploma, according to the U.S. Marine Corps website. The military organization allows a small percentage ... Read More »

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Marine corps recruiter said that need 15 credit from college to join marine corps is right?

You need to specify a couple things. I.e., enlisted or officer and what military occupational specialty you're going for. Requirements will fluctuate to meet the Marine Corps' manpower demands, but... Read More »

Can you join the marine corps with diabetes?

Can you Join the Marine Corps With a GED diploma?

Check with your local Marine Corps recruiter. According to their web site, they will accept a GED. Make sure it is from an accredited institutiion If you have a GED with no college credits you wil... Read More »

Can you join the US Marine Corps with asthma?

If you have asthma you cannot join. If you are found out to have asthma in boot camp, they will send you home. If you are found out later on to have asthma you may or may not be discharged.>>>: eve... Read More »