Can you jailbreak and ipad2 version 5.1?

Answer Sorry you can't, hopefully they do it in the next update! But for now you must stay in the annoying group convos

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How do you jailbreak an ipad2?

It depends. Go to Settings > General > About. Where it says "Version" if it says 4.3.3 then you can jailbreak it (go to on your iPad.) If it is any other than 4.3.3 then you can... Read More »

When does ipad2 iOS 5 jailbreak come out?

They use the same operating system and can run many of the same apps. Using iCloud, you can share the same data over the net. They are separate computers, so they are not integrated in the sense of... Read More »

Is it safe to jailbreak ipad2?

It's never safe to jailbreak anything.

Is it possible to jailbreak the iPad 2 version 5.0.1..if not why?

The same way for any other apple device. Make sure itunes is installed on your computer which it should be as it is required to set up the Ipad in the first place if you don't have itunes you can d... Read More »