Can you jailbreak an iPad 2?

Answer New display - 4x the resolution, new 1080P HD camera, new voice recognition for emails, new faster 4G LTE (on 4G models), new mult-core graphics chip.

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Does jailbreak for iPad 2 works for iPad 1?

Can you jailbreak a iPad 2 on 5.0.1?

Alright, it will basically be all the basics like: camera, isights, weight, screen resolution. Go to, check out the price and you will see "RESOLUTIONARY" The New iPad.16gb: $3888 (Hk dol... Read More »

How do you Jailbreak the iPad 2?

Apple doesn't use distributors in North America. It has resellers (retailers) that it sells directly to. In other countries, Apple has distributors who sell the product to the resellers. The list ... Read More »

How do you jailbreak an ipad 2?

Try your local News' website in the "Classified" section. That's how I do it.