Can you jailbreak an iPad 2?

Answer New display - 4x the resolution, new 1080P HD camera, new voice recognition for emails, new faster 4G LTE (on 4G models), new mult-core graphics chip.

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Does jailbreak for iPad 2 works for iPad 1?

Can you jailbreak a iPad 2?

Yes, But only if the iPad 2 has the right operating system. So if you don't have the iPad 2 yet, and you want to buy one and want to jail break it, you will not be able to until somebody figures o... Read More »

How do you jailbreak an ipad 2?

Try your local News' website in the "Classified" section. That's how I do it.

Can you jailbreak a iPad 2 on 5.0.1?

Alright, it will basically be all the basics like: camera, isights, weight, screen resolution. Go to, check out the price and you will see "RESOLUTIONARY" The New iPad.16gb: $3888 (Hk dol... Read More »