Can you insure a vehicle that is registered in someone elses name?

Answer AnswerThis can probably vary from state to state. I was able to add a car registered in my bosses name on my insurance, but he had to listed as another driver. Sometimes the registered person will ... Read More »

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If you are the primary driver of a leased vehicle in your parent's name who lives at a separate address can you insure the vehicle under your own policy at your address instead of theirs?

Can you insure a British-registered car in France?

You can't insure a British-registered car in France unless you plan to re-register the car in France. Many insurance companies won't insure a car with British plates until you change the registrati... Read More »

Can you insure a car that is titled and registered in your name for your son who lives in another state?

Can a registered driver who does not own a vehicle or insurance drive a parents' vehicle and be covered by their insurance should a wreck occur?

Non-owned auto policy If you do not own a vehicle, but have a driver license, you can obtain a non-owned auto policy. Check with your local independent insurance agent. I don't know if direct wri... Read More »