Can you insure a salvage auto that has been repaired?

Answer Answer Yes, as long as it isn't a category b write off

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How can you obtain collision and comprehensive auto insurance on a vehicle with a salvage title in NJ Can you insure it under your homeowner's policy?

AnswerNo homeowners insurance does not cover vehicles that for use on roads.  AnswerIt should not be a problem. Geico insures salvage cars, as do most insurance companies. Just remember the car i... Read More »

Will geico insure your car with salvage title?

A Geico agent told me that they will insure a car upon further review. He told me that I would first have to purchase liability insurance. Then I would have to email and fax all the relevant docume... Read More »

In California will any insurance co insure a car with a salvage title?

Answer Yes, but according to my insurance company, Nationwide, they won't (and the rep I talked to said it was industry practice) cover comprehensive or collision- so you'll be covered for any liab... Read More »

If the dealer says a new car had light body damage and was repaired will it be hard for you to insure?