Can you insure a car that is financed under someone else's name?

Answer Answer Probably, some companies only require that you have care custody and control of the vehicle in order to be the named insured. Other companies require that you be the registered owner. The ... Read More »

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Can you insure a vehicle that is registered in someone elses name?

AnswerThis can probably vary from state to state. I was able to add a car registered in my bosses name on my insurance, but he had to listed as another driver. Sometimes the registered person will ... Read More »

Can you insure someone else's financed car?

Answer No. Insurance cannot be obtained on property which the policy holder has no vested interest or ability to control.

Can you get auto insurance in your name if the car you are using is financed by someone else and your name is not on the contract?

Answer NO, Just picture you driving up my driveway to my house and saying boy you have a nice house, I want to insure it. You couldn't pull a home owners policy on my house because you have no insu... Read More »

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