Can you install windows to an external hardrive?

Answer Most computers won't BOOT from an external drive or USB device. Check your BIOS settings. Good luck and Happy Computing!

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How do I install Windows XP on a Slave hardrive?

Configure CD ROM AccessAccess the computer Basic Input Output System (BIOS) by pressing the “Delete” or “F1” key on your keyboard. BIOS access and configuration types vary among motherboard... Read More »

How do I safely remove an external hardrive?

Turn your computer off. The important factor with a USB device is that it's powered. "Safely removing the device" cuts that power. So if you turn your computer off, you also cut the power to you... Read More »

Backing up with external hardrive?

Depends what method or what you back up options you choose.A Full system/image backup would also save google history.

Cannot access external hardrive...?

Autorun.inf does not trigger on modern Macs.Its either the USB cable / connectors / harddrive frame / power or the harddrive itself.Does the drive show up in Disk Utility on the Mac, or _really_ no... Read More »