Can you install windows 7 from a usb!!!!!?

Answer ^^^^ muppet.....yes you can but you need to burn it as an ISO file before you copy it too the flash drive then just boot your pc from the USB

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I'm using VMware to install virtual XP on my Windows 7. Can I install the XP OS from my old PC without a disc?

vm player is ok, but i would recommend oracle vm virtualbox. It allows you to snapshot you vm, which vmware doesnt. definately use oracle.. way can NOT install an os on vm player. vm pla... Read More »

Can I install windows7 or windows 8 from within windows xp?

This video clip may help you, cheer!…

How to Install Windows XP From a USB Drive Without Windows XP ISO DVD?

Many times computer users find it necessary to reinstall their operating systems. While this is a relatively simple task when using the installation discs, these may not always be accessible. One m... Read More »

How do I uninstall Windows XP from my netbook and install Ubuntu clean (from an SD card)?

You don't need to uninstall Windows.  Just boot up the computer to your Ubuntu boot media, choose to install it (or run the live version and click on the install link there -- my personal preferen... Read More »