Can you install recessed lights in a suspended ceiling?

Answer Recessed lighting can be installed in suspended ceilings, and it is relatively easy to do. The lighting housing must transfer its weight to the beams of the suspended ceiling. The load of the reces... Read More »

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What size recessed lights should be used in a basement ceiling?

On One Hand: Large Fixtures for Even LightingRecessed lights that measure 6 inches in diameter or larger provide ambient lighting. When symmetrically spaced throughout an area, they offer an even l... Read More »

How do I Remodel Suspended Panel Ceiling Lights?

Your room has a suspended/drop ceiling. You wish to move or replace the lights mounted in the ceiling without an major remodel or expense. Depending on the type of lights you are dealing with and t... Read More »

How to Install Recessed Lighting in a Finished Ceiling?

Recessed lighting sits between joists in the space above the existing ceiling. The light illuminates the room from a can recessed above the ceiling, so a hole must be cut in the ceiling for the lig... Read More »

How to Install a Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings offer some tremendous advantages over permanent drywall ceilings. It is easy to hide ductwork, pipes, and electrical wire behind a suspended ceiling, and all of them will remain ... Read More »