Can you install games on an external disc drive?

Answer Are you talking about an external CD/DVD drive, my friend? If so, yes, you can use this to install your games.

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How can I install my Sims games to an external hard drive?

Usually for this to work, you should be given the option to install to ( and then you can specify where you want it to go).Some programs unfortunately will not allow this, and just presume a C... Read More »

My cd/dvd drive doesn't work n my computer can i install my logitec software disc on a usb drive?

Yes just copy all the files over and open the .exe or setup file

How to Use a 1 TB External Hard Drive for Wii Games?

A terabyte (TB) hard drive can hold 1,000 gigabytes of data. This means you can store many different items on the hard drive without having to worry about filling it to capacity. Wii games tend to ... Read More »

How to Install an External CD Drive?

Most modern computers come with various bells and whistles, such as DVD and CD burners. However, some are simply "bare bones" models and may just have a CD-ROM drive that isn't able to burn discs. ... Read More »