Can you install a game on your computer but move it to a USB ?

Answer Yes, but your game will lag if it's high graphics and you don't have USB 2.0 or 3.0

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Can you move your tower on your computer when the computer is on?

Although it's possible to move your desktop computer tower while it's operating, it's unwise. Desktop hard drives are designed with much less operating shock tolerance than notebook hard drives. If... Read More »

Can you move music from your iPhone to your computer?

HELP! How do you move pictures from your computer onto a memory card so you can see them on your camera?

I'm supposing you use a Windows PC.All you have to do is insert the flash card in a card reader, mine are external USB connected to my Macs. Open your photo browser or just go to the picture files ... Read More »

My computer mouse can only move up & down...cant move left to right please help!!!?

It sounds like your mouse is one that has a ball underneath...if you are using one with a ball in, take it out as there may be dust inside.Have a look there are two little rollers one controlles up... Read More »