Can you install a 512 mb memory ram into an hp xl773 computer?

Answer You can't add just one module of 512mb of ram to an HP x1773 Pentium III computer. However, you can add two modules of 256MB of PC100 SDRAM DIMM, which would give you the equivalent of 512mb of ram... Read More »

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What is the max amount of memory an HP XL773 computer can handle?

The HP Pavillion XL773 desktop computer has two memory slots that can each hold a 256 MB memory module for a maximum of 512 MB RAM. The computer uses 100 MHz unbuffered SDRAM.References:HP: HP Pavi... Read More »

How to Buy and Install Computer Ram Memory?

Installing RAM is easy when you know how!Is your computer not as young as it used to be? Does it take forever to start up, or crash whenever you try to open more than two programs at once? Before y... Read More »

What happens if I install DDR 2 memory on a DDR 1 compatible computer?

You won't be able to. The RAM modules are physically different in size, so you'd notice that as you attempt to fit it into the slots. (DDR SDRAM has 184 pins, and DDR2 SDRAM has 240 pins.)

How do install extra memory to my computer.?

It is easy to install memory. However, you should look in the users manual first. If you can't get a hold of your user guide, go on-line; both Dell and Gateway have manuals on line.No disk is requi... Read More »